• Our Roots

    A Tradition Of Excellence

    Since 1963, Master has been the most trusted name in the bedding, furniture and healthcare industry providing products of unmatched quality, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Innovating from a technical collaboration with Bayer (Germany), Master has evolved as a generic name for mattresses. Master’s vision has always been focused at keeping a smile on its customers’ faces. This is the driving force that leads them to introduce new products. State of the art technology, finest craftsmanship, strict quality controls, and continuous consumer interactions ensure that its products achieve highest level of perfection.

  • Celeste

    Wake Up To A Better Tomorrow!

    Celeste has its roots from five decades of expertise and experience in the luxury-bedding sector. Since its introduction in 1996, Celeste has become the benchmark of luxurious sleep system in Pakistan. It strives to create innovative product lines, with competitive prices, ensuring the best service and experience for its clients. Celeste is committed to providing its customers with a luxury lifestyle that is supported with the Ultimate Sleep System perfected to the last detail.


    Step into Your Dream Room!

    At Celeste Home Fashion, we have created for you ready made bedrooms that will perfectly suit your style, ranging from classic, to modern, edgy, or minimalistic. No more rushing from pillar to post in search of a bed, a mattress, lamps to go with it…our interior designers have it all under control! Pick the look that best suits you and sit back and relax…from transportation to installation, we will take care of everything.

  • The Sleeplab By Celeste Home Fashion

    A Higher Standard of Dreaming!

    At the SleepLab by Celeste Home Fashion, you can indulge in the ultimate mattress experience…we want you to experience sleep like never before. Lie down, unwind, and see how you feel about each one of our unique products. Explore each mattress, and choose the one that most reflects your innermost being…it’s a long term relationship, so take your time, relax, and take home the beauty of luxurious sleep by transforming your bed to the epitome of harmony and peace.