Luxuriously Cool


If pure comfort is what you are looking for then this is the ideal mattress for you. Memory foam provides superior comfort and infused Celeste Cool Gel technology establishes optimum temperature, no matter how hot or cold it might be. The zoning grooves allow air circulation and ensure that Hydro lives up to every expectation. This latest product by Master is testimonial to our belief in sleep research and product development.


Special Features

  • Memory foam infused with cool gel beads
  • Cool gel technology
  • Air flow technology
  • Thoroughly researched pocket zoning in accordance with body shape for perfect sleep posture
  • Luxurious, high performance knitted fabric that moves air in, out and around the mattress all night, regulating the temperature
  • Soft and luxurious


*Above price quoted for King-size (78”x72”) mattress only. For Queen, Double and Single regular sizes prices differ. Mattresses can be customized to required sizes; prices will vary according to sizes. Round mattress option also available in selected mattresses. For further details please contact us or visit your nearest Celeste Home Fashion showroom.