Diary of Design Addicts

Posted on January 15 2020

Diary of Design Addicts

Who doesn't appreciate an artistic design? But when it comes to the finer details, only those with a keen eye or aesthetic sense can pick out what makes or breaks a great visual. Here the designers at Celeste Home Fashion give a low down on the key ingredients for creating excellence with some of their favorites pieces and settings.


The Oracle bed is the epitome of elegance. Its straight line design is a mix of smooth Sheesham wood and luxe upholstery, creating a product that exudes grace without needing any frivolous additions.


Knowing how light interacts with any surface can enhance the look of the simplest of settings, like this lone crystal beaded Compents Chandelier plays up the gorgeous colors of these floral vases against a neutral background


Sometimes all a skillfully crafted piece of furniture like this Sheeshamwood Oracle dresser needs is a single solid royal blue wall to make its beautiful textures stand out.


Understanding the play of colors and materials can make any product look amazing. Here, the rich ruby red color of this soft buttery velvet makes a star out of our favorite Apollo daybed. 


The force of nature is something to be reckoned with. This living edge Aari bed harks to the sheer untouched beauty of the woods, showing us how you can make something raw into a usable and beautiful product.


These fabulous items show why you shouldn't shy away from going bold with unlikely colors like tangerine, especially with pop art elements like the hand-drawn face on our high gloss orange Face cabinet. 


With the juxtaposition of feminine curves of its legs and the asymmetrical arrangement of its drawers, to the curious collection of antique knobs in a velvety smooth finish on solid Sheesham, this Delphi dresser hits all the right notes with its stunning design.


Just one exquisite, intricately crafted crystal Waterfall Chandelier can create a breathtaking drama of light and shadows on the barest of walls. 


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