Style Guide: Above-bed Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Room's Visual Appeal

Style Guide: Above-bed Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Room's Visual Appeal


Designing a bedroom is all about crafting a space that is comfortable, tranquil, and personal – your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Contrary to popular belief, a bedroom is not only about a bed, wardrobe, and set of drawers- these are only the essentials to bedroom décor and it’s the little decorative choices that transform your bedroom into a restful retreat.

When revamping or decorating the bedroom the wall above the bed is oft-ignored. The bed is the focal point hence the area above the bed is the first thing that catches the eye. Putting the right piece of décor in place can help you make the right first impression with your bedroom, and elevate your entire décor to a whole new level of luxury. If you are confused about how to infuse your bedroom with a stylish decorative accent to make it homely and inviting, here’s a quick guide to decorating the space above your bed.

Create a Gallery Wall

Hanging paintings and photographs in groups gives a personal touch to your wall design while also creating a focal point and eliminating negative space. Pieces that are similar in style or color can make a monochromatic statement while combining different hues, frames and textures create visual interest.


Try Striking Lighting

You can forego hanging something on the wall above the bed altogether and hang it from the ceiling instead. A chandelier is the perfect accent piece to  fill in that visual space. They come in a lot of different styles, too, whether you want something very glamorous and flashy or something more subtle. 



Add Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are tried and tested ways to infuse a space with elegance and glamour. Mirrors are not only a perfect statement piece but it also helps in making space look larger and brighter. Depending on the size of your room or the aura you want it to have, you can either go for a large mirror (for something grander) or a small mirror (for a subtle look). The frame will also have an impact on it. An ornate frame is more luxurious, while a simple one will be cleaner and more streamlined.



Follow the guidelines above, to infuse personality to the nook corners in your bedroom and transform into a perfect sleep sanctuary.

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