How to Ace an Eclectic Look

How to Ace an Eclectic Look


Eclectic home interiors are super trendy nowadays. They bring together a mix of materials that find harmony with one another. Some top furniture brands in Pakistan are currently exploring this concept and introducing new eclectic designs that are awe-aspiring. But designing such a cohesive space is not that simple. For a non-technical person, it may merely look like a mix of materials randomly put together that magically work. This thought makes it difficult to create an eclectic living space without a professional guide. To help make it easier, our design experts have put together these essential guides that can help you ace at designing an eclectic living room.

Embrace a high contrast color palette


The first step to designing an eclectic look is choosing a color palette. Dark tones develop interior intrigue, whereas lighter shades infuse a calming ambiance. We recommend choosing a neutral color palette with a pop of accent tone as the core. However, do consider the amount of natural light that will fill your space during the day before finalizing the fabric and wall paint. The color palette will help set a base and choose the right sofa, armchair, poof, and side tables for your living room.

Play around with some patterns


A classic part of an eclectically styled interior is to play around with contrasting patterns. Bring a mix of organic and geometric shapes from different design eras. Spread these across your diverse furniture ensemble, cushions, wall art, and even lampshades. Introducing these seemingly opposing patterns with a mix of decor elements keeps the visuals playful and vibrant for a light-hearted atmosphere.

Create a wall gallery


If you are that artist who had always wanted to create a very own picture or artwork gallery, now is your time. An artwork gallery wall will not only bring a character to your interiors but also bring an inviting vibe that will remove all your days' stress. Let your imagination run wild and assemble your best creations and decor purchases to deck up that dull back wall with lovely art pieces.

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