A comprehensive guide to choosing the right Sleeplab mattress during Ramadan

A comprehensive guide to choosing the right Sleeplab mattress during Ramadan

Quality sleep is the essential foundation for a good & healthy lifestyle. Although we spend almost 1/3rd of our lives sleeping still, the importance of sleep is mostly ignored. Getting good hours of sleep is critical for your good health, even more, important than following a strict diet or daily exercise routine. Sleeping for the correct number of hours is vital for your body to rebuild tissues, replenish cells, and regain body energy. Additionally, this helps one catalog memories from the day and retain the knowledge you are getting every day.

The second most important thing in attaining a good night's sleep is the mattress that you are using. For example, if the bed does not properly support your spine, even a long night's sleep will not help your body rest properly. This way, you will get up every morning with chronic back pain, and with a new mattress, even an average amount of sleep would give your body the perfect rest.

We have a different range of mattresses available at our Sleeplab space dedicated to providing the best sleep experience. Our product range at Sleeplab is designed using the latest technology and innovation to address the core needs of the human body. The aim is to allow our customers to try out various mattress options in a sleep-friendly environment, allowing them to understand the value of sleep. Let us all look at different Sleeplab mattresses that will help you in choosing the best one as per your body requirements:


People with backache are using mattresses that do not help them keep the correct body posture and do not allow them to keep the spine aligned, which leads to bad lower back pain. When the back pain is more when you get up in the morning but improves as the day goes by, the real reason is of the mattress more than anything else. Constant shifting of position is one of the reasons for your bed elevating back pain.

Heal mattress is designed to address all of your ortho-related issues and put a full stop to backaches. The thick layer of specially developed orthopedic contour foam with robust spring is responsive to your body's needs. This mattress will give full support to the lumbar region and helps distribute weight away from the heaviest parts of your body.


Having a soft mattress is essential to some people as they like their beds to be soft. Firm mattresses usually are more supportive of the human body. These mattresses do not let the person's body sink into the mattress. Moving around on the mattress is more manageable, and the person is sleeping on top of the mattress. People who prefer a cooler environment feel more as they are nearer to the air.

Hush mattress is the perfect pick for people looking to get even support for their bodies. With the feature of a Bonnel coil, this mattress provides a simple, unfussed sleeping experience. Larger-sized people should go for this mattress as it offers more support and can handle heavier bodies. People sleeping on their stomachs should also choose a firm mattress as it gives the proper amount of support to the hips to keep the body aligned.


Some people prefer the perfect balance between the soft and firm mattress, and this is where the medium-firm mattress comes into the offering. Mostly the light sleepers (less than 130 pounds) get enough compression for contouring. A medium mattress also has enough response to prevent average sleepers ( 130-230 pounds) from sinking and putting pressure on the spine.

The body gets more cushioning, protecting one from pain and pressure build-up. The body enjoys a weightless sleep as the joints are cushioned, and the spine is adjusted with a medium-firm mattress.

Harmony mattress conforms to the natural curve of your spine and is ideal for those looking for medium support. The additional foam layer with a pocket spring structure makes it immensely durable and spreads body weight to ensure a perfect sleeping posture.

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