Different ways to light up your EID with Celeste Home Fashion

Different ways to light up your EID with Celeste Home Fashion


Ramadan is a holy month of blessing, patience, and good virtue. With our time spent in worship while we as Muslims abstain from food and negative thoughts from dawn to dusk and also gather around with friends and family on special days to celebrate the blessed months and break our fast together. With these gathers comes the opportunity to decorate our home, especially for the occasion of Eid. It is a particular time for Muslims worldwide to get excited about celebrating this joyous festival with friends and family.

It is a very special time for all Muslim families because of the cultural and religious significance and the bliss that comes along. The treats, gifts, and the ritual of sharing happiness and love add to families' enthusiasm, bringing a sense of tenderness and togetherness with it.

During Eid, as we visit our relatives or host them at our place to exchange blessings, and gifts and celebrate the event, we look for decoration ideas to enhance the ambiance of our home to match the divinity of this day. Here we bring you some ideas to decorate your living room for Eid.

Getting the right Sofa

The first thing you need to ensure while setting up your lounge, living room, or drawing room is to get the right sofa. Here, since the gatherings include families and friends, a spacious seating option is the best choice. You can opt for a sectional sofa or a modern sofa set harmonized together with the right cushions, décor accessories, and coffee table that gives it a holistic view.

Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is one of the popular seating options for living rooms or any other spaces in the house to decorate for Eid. When looking for a sofa with style, comfort, and practicality sectional sofa is the best choice. The main catch for a sectional sofa is "how to arrange it". Here, you need to decide whether you are doing it for daily use or just for this special event. A sectional sofa requires a good investment so setting it the right way is essential.
To deck up the space, bring home some essential décor accessories like a rug that covers up the area till under the sectional sofa, and invest in some vibrant cushions and creative wall art. Finish it off with a coffee table with miniature décor accessories. You can also add on to the décor with planters on the side to keep the décor with the ongoing home décor trend of 2022.

Lounge Sofa Set


The sofa set should fill the room comfortably without making it look cramped. The sofa's height, width, depth, and cushioning material play a vital role in ensuring comfortable seating. The style and upholstery of the sofa should be according to your taste and preference but also be welcoming enough for the event. It should also be able to seamlessly fit in with your current home interiors or if you are revamping the space completely it can bring a whole new look. When deciding on the sofa, it is essential to focus on the firmness and build of your sofa and cushioning as many people will be visiting; hence the set should be comfortable enough for them to enjoy.

For the decoration accessories and lighting options, focus on what you have now. What theme you are moving towards and invest in accessories that complement and bring the setup together. You can also mix and match some modern and vintage accessories to give it a unique vibe.


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