Home Décor Mistakes you should avoid

Home Décor Mistakes you should avoid


From choosing your furniture to experimenting with paint swatches, top picks for your home décor, and their placement, many small decisions go into styling the perfect home space. Even the slightest misjudgment of maybe hanging your wall art a little too high or choosing the wrong wallpaper has an evident impact on your room.

Once in a while, visiting a new place, we come across beautiful interiors. However, a minor misalignment or mistake in decor takes away from the entire look. This week our Design Experts got together to discuss the most common home décor mistakes observed in our Pakistani households and how to avoid them.

Omitting the Details

The design mistake that people nowadays most often make is overlooking the details. While setting up their homes, families focus on getting quality furniture with premium comfort while also working on an interior theme that they want to adopt. Whereas the product finishes, home decor accessories and inclusion of the necessary home furnishes go unnoticed. The home walls are either left empty for a minimalistic look or packed too heavy for an eclectic vibe. In reality, blank walls leave the room feeling cold and devoid of personality, while the loaded ones make them too busy for the mind to relax. The key here is to maintain a symmetrical balance between objects.

For a minimalistic home design, focus on making the home inviting and practical by keeping the space open and airy. Think about how you want the rooms to function. Include products with clean lines and neutral tones. Install simple lighting and mirror for decor with miniature sculptured accessories.


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Over Accessorizing the Space

Accessories bring interest and personality to your home, especially when you use integrate items like souvenirs and personal frames to forge a deeper connection to your interiors. While this stands true, the inclusion of succulents, wall art, ceramic vessels, and many other decor accessories may get too much for your interiors. As they say, "too much of a good thing is not good."

It is common for people to keep adding accessories that you like to your bedroom or living room without making any replacement, diluting the effectiveness of the already designed setup. Decluttering this space by removing even a few items can bring a noticeable change. One of the simplest ways to declutter and refresh the home space is to pull back the extra two-thirds. Replace them with a beautiful assortment of vases, some unique wall art, and new cushions for a change.

Miscalculating the Measurements and Heights

Choosing an inappropriately-sized sofa, pendant lamp, or vessel for your home is a really unfortunate mistake. Picking a sofa that is either too small or too large for the living room disturbs the proportions making it uncomfortable and strange to look at and taking away the comfort you are looking to add. While lighting hung too low or too high will obstruct the view, anyone walking around could bump their head. It may also yield unflattering shadows disturbing the lights and warmth of the room.

To avoid these mistakes, proper measurements need to be taken before placing your order for the sofa. The design and size of the pendant fixtures need to be aligned as per the room's size and layout. A composition of two to three pendant lamps of the same design and different sizes is often better for large spaces.

Lastly, avoid being too matchy. Your home should be a reflection of your personal style. Matched furniture sets, home decor, and interiors take away the from the interiors. To add personality and thoughtfulness to any room, think about bringing coordination rather than cloning the room. Find pieces that complement one another, so your room looks more collected over time.

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