Interior Decor Ideas That Will Get You in the Spring Mood

Interior Decor Ideas That Will Get You in the Spring Mood


Give Your Dining Room a Makeover

One of the best spring interior design ideas is to dress up your dining room furniture. Top your dining table with a lovely tablecloth accented with an embroidered flower motif. You can also add a beautiful centerpiece to the table like a large vase filled with freshly cut flowers. Replace dining room furniture with new pieces like an upholstered dining bench instead of rigid, hard chairs. A gorgeous new dining table with metal legs or a solid wood top will also lend this space a nice refresh.


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Choose Lighter Upholstery Colors

Another of our interior design ideas to get you in the spring mood is to choose furniture in lighter colorways. Try sectionals or sofas accented in a soft, pastel-toned fabric rather than something like navy blue or a dark brown leather. While light colors don’t work for every household, they’re a good choice if you’re not concerned about possible marks or stains. Select furniture that comes in a high-performance fabric upholstery so that it holds up well to plenty of wear and tear. Soft, light colors will make your living room feel more open and airier. Pair your new furniture with a soft area rug that complements the colorway. If you don’t want to buy new living room furniture, consider adding a slipcover to existing sofas and chairs that come in a softer color until spring and summer are over.

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Prep Your Bedroom

Spring is a great time of year to elevate your bedroom furniture and try something new. Even something as simple as adding a comfortable bench to the foot of your bed will give the room a new look and more functionality. You don’t have to replace your bed completely, either. Simply add a new headboard to your existing bed for an instant spring makeover. Select a soft, upholstered headboard for a nice, muted touch. A beautiful set of matching nightstands in a vibrant color like blue or green is another easy way to add a new element to your sleeping space. Explore our furniture store to find a wide assortment of gorgeous bedroom furniture for any style of home.

Surround Yourself with Organic Elements

Incorporate organic elements into your home by adding some new houseplants to the living room or bedroom. You can also add houseplants to the bathroom, too. Use items from nature like pieces of driftwood, seashells, or branches to infuse an element of springtime into any space. The mixture of different natural and manmade materials will give every room a fresh touch and a relaxed, laid-back vibe that’s perfect for the spring and into summer, too.

Make some Simple Updates

Small changes can easily give your home a fresh touch. For example, replace your current blinds or curtains with sheer window panels that allow the sunlight to filter into the room. Update old light fixtures with something sleek and new. Even something as simple as a new set of throw pillows for your chairs and sofas can add a colorful, springtime-inspired touch to your space. Look around every room to get some ideas, then visit our furniture to discover a myriad of stylish furnishings and accents for the new season.

Focus on Function as Much as Form

You definitely want your living room furniture to look unique, but it should also be functional, too. A lift-top coffee table allows you to enjoy a meal on the couch while watching TV. Accent tables with shelves and drawers provide you with additional storage to keep things neat and tidy. The more functionality your furniture has, the more enjoyable your living room will be. There are even accent tables with a chessboard design on the top, so you can enjoy playing a game or two with your guests. Sleeper sofas are an excellent choice if you need to provide guests with a comfortable place to sleep.

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Select Furniture with Unique Details

A classic sofa or table is fine in any living space, but looking for something with unique details will help you get creative. Try a round coffee table made in a shimmering copper finish for a bold touch. A beautiful set of nesting tables with a mosaic top gives them just the right amount of unusual style. Furniture with slender, metal legs instantly gives the living room a modern aesthetic. Anything made with a mixture of materials like metal and wood will lend your living room a creative vibe. Use these tips to help you get creative in your living room for a fabulous space that’s all your own.

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