Less is more, do you love minimalistic room setups?

Less is more, do you love minimalistic room setups?


We know that a cluttered room causes strain to the eye and mind resulting in poor sleep. So, it makes sense that we design our bedrooms using a clutter-free approach that imbues an aura of comfort and solace to your resting space. Such a room stems from the idea “less is more” devoid of excess decor and focuses on including only the essential elements. But how exactly can you achieve this look?
Here are some easy-to-apply ideas that will help uplift the little nooks and create a calming space where you can find the comfort you desire.



Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

Your color scheme plays a vital role in shaping a minimalistic home space. Opt for a muted color palette like tan and camel hues with hints of gold. Alternatively, you can also choose from monochrome shades of gray to soften the look and make your room more relaxing. Adding a bit of texture to the space is also recommended, but the focus should be on keeping the décor items minimal and within the same color family.



Invest in light wood Furniture

There are numerous natural accents that you may use, but none are quite as synonymous with minimalism as light textured wood. From bedroom furniture to TV units and shelves or even an accent mirror, light-toned wood brings the desired texture while maintaining a peaceful ambiance. Pair these with white or sandy walls for a traditional display.



Layer Your Decor

A decor plan is crucial to creating a minimalistic style statement. Start with layering your lighting with a mix of overhead and wall fixtures. A geometrical pendant lamp will cast an eye-catching glow, while your table lamp with hints of gold and artistry will offer focused illumination where you need it. To deck up your side tables, you can keep a small tray to corral all your essentials and keep clutter at bay. Use simple decorative like sculptures and mini planters to create interest.

Lastly, bring the room together by investing in a solid color rug with a subtle sheen. Minimalism is the idea of keeping things simple and comfortable with consistency in furniture designs and décor hues. All-white spaces with sparse furnishings or a bit of color in the form of planters, faux flowers, a cool lamp, or a wall sculpture can add dimension while keeping your space functional and heartwarming.

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