Our Top Picks: Home Décor Accessories

Our Top Picks: Home Décor Accessories

The designers at Celeste Home Fashion are well aware that each home has a few spots that usually lack proper styling. Blank shelves, mantle pieces, and the center table are some of the most neglected areas of the home. If you are seeking to adorn your home with the perfect accessories then, you are at the right place.

Trays; The Subtle Masterpiece

Go for a fine-textured tray to add character and an aesthetic element to your home. These not only create a sense of depth, but the dynamic combinations also lend a nostalgic aura to the place. From reflective metallic to organic flair, and pellucid silhouettes to hand-painted sketches, you can pick one that suits your preferences best. You can get creative with these trays by using them to embellish the walls or as a centerpiece for your tables. Revealing the complementary effects in most unexpected ways, these are essential for your home.

“Revive Your Home with The Right Piece!”



Vases; The Life of a Room

Vases not only serve as the alluring showcase of blooms but, also as an individual stunning centerpiece for your home. Enhancing the charm, these lend a rare blend of classic and timeless style to a place.  Low ceramic vases with vintage shades or a sophisticated glazed touch of gold, secure a place as our personal favorites. Wisely choose the color palette of the vases as these leave a majestic impact on the appeal of a place. Sophisticated vases with mellow pastel shades of blue, cream, green or sunny yellow confer a neoteric and soothing aura to any room. Hand-painted, textured vases with vibrant yet subtle splashes of gold, pink, patina over white and black are another one of our preferences.  You can style the vases on the window sill, shelves, trays, tables on even on the floor. Style them with your favorite flowers for an elevated charisma and warmth. 



“A Subtleness That Charms You!”



Sculptures; Abstract of the Past

Sculptures are imperative in raising the appeal of any space. The handcrafted marble sculptures confer a serene and polished look. Owing to their versatility they can be styled in various ways; you can top them on a table, a shelf, over the books as per your preference. Minimalist and simple sculptures of everyday items such as cars, sculptures, fruits, and animals own a unique charm of their own. Hand-sculpted gold ornaments also serve as a timeless addition to a place, including tabletop, shelves, or even window sills. Imbue your home with a warm soul by embellishing them with the perfect sculpture.


“Make Your Room an Artistic Oasis!”


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