Turn Your Bedroom into a Breezy Summer Oasis

Turn Your Bedroom into a Breezy Summer Oasis

As the Winter season goes into hibernation, everything starts turning vibrant and refreshing. The gardens get a revamp by the newly blossoming flowers and the charming scents lingering in the summer breeze; everything turns breathtaking to look at.

We believe this is the perfect time to restyle your home, especially your bedroom by infusing all the elements of summer! The team at Celeste Home Fashion is here with the best ways through which you can make your room summer-ready! Read on to know what are those secret tips we have got for you.

Let There Be Light!

First things first, make your room as vibrant as the summer sun itself. Drape the curtains, pull the blinds and push open the windows. Let the shimmering sunlight sway through your windows and illuminate your whole bedroom. You will notice that along with the light, it will also bring in the charming scent of summer flowers to linger in the air. Making your room feel airier and well lighted it will turn it fresher to breathe in.

Another great option would be an addition of a charming lighting piece, such as a lamp or chandelier. These will help make your room a perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity.

These will not make your room appear stuffed or cluttered, rather give it a more well-put-up look while staying suitably noticeable. If you are confused about which ones to choose, you can have a look at the 
Celeste Home Fashion lighting pieces’ range here:

Elegantly adorning both the open areas and the edges of your room, these will invite the spectators to stare upwards in awe.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

This one is our personal favorite! Letting nature inside your room doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant. You can incorporate simple, subtle pieces that lend a more natural look to your room.

Using artificial plants, nature-inspired painted wall panels, wall décor items, and other accessories can make your room appear visibly attractive to look at. If you are more into flowers, you can pluck your favorite summer blooms and place them in a lovely vase, inspired by all the colors of summers!

In case you have a small room, you can use minimalist nature-based sculptures to add a summery touch to your room.


Simplify Your Space

Last but not the least, make your room summer-ready by decluttering and revolutionizing the color scheme. Change the bedsheets and furniture; make it simpler and lighter. Add simple-looking rugs and cushions to give a summery character to your whole room.


Simple wooden tables, lightweight beds, cabinets, and side tables will help make your room look neat and well-groomed

As summers ask for more minimalism, vibrancy, space, and less clutter, it's best to simplify your space wisely by using the right furniture pieces.

As a final word, it is safe to say that Summers is the best time to give your room the much-needed makeover by incorporating natural, fresh, bright accessories and color tones. Simplify and add a pop of color to everything. If you are looking for some outstanding bedroom accessories and furniture, Celeste Home Fashion has something for every room!

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