Ramadan Replacement Scheme: The best time to upgrade your mattress

Ramadan Replacement Scheme: The best time to upgrade your mattress


Ramadan, the month of blessings, is here. It is the month of restraint, positivity, and earning the goodwill of Allah. On this blessed month, we vouch for ourselves to maintain a balanced lifestyle with the right amount of food and sleep. However, the month comes with its own set of responsibilities, rituals, and duties; hence it is essential to plan out our nutrition intake and sleeping patterns as they are important facets of maintaining good health.

Nothing beats a good night's sleep but would you be able to get it on an old worn-out mattress. The answer is a big NO! A night of great comfortable sleep requires a good mattress and pillow. However, the definition of a good mattress varies from person to person. Research suggests that sleeping on a firm mattress with proper spinal alignment offers one the right comfort and quality sleep in today's age. For body aches and pain, memory foam mattresses help, but what works for each person is different. Celeste Home Fashion has 'The Sleeplab' offering a variety of mattresses, ranging from firm to soft support, and a wide 2IN1 mattress range for the ultimate luxury experience. At the sleeplab, customers can explore each of our premium mattresses and choose the one that best meets their comfort needs.



This Ramadan again, Celeste Home Fashion has launched its "Ramadan Replacement Scheme," where you can replace all your rusty and old mattresses of any brand with a new one of your choice at flat 20% off. The offer is valid throughout Ramadan and can be availed online on their website or at the showrooms.



Even the process they offer is so easy and hassle-free. After order placement, the team will visit your place to pick up the old mattresses and replace them with new ones that you choose without any extra charges. 



The offer does not end here. If you do not have an old mattress, you can still get a chance to enjoy a 20% discount on their Sleeplab mattresses. Just visit their outlets in Karachi or Lahore and avail this exciting offer.


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