Your ultimate guide to buying a mattress online

Your ultimate guide to buying a mattress online

 Choosing a mattress can be completely overwhelming, it sometimes gets hard to walk into a store and know what style of mattress will be the best for you, and are your getting the best deal or not. Due to the busy schedules and in the month of Ramadan it gets tough to visit a retail store. With the time-consuming office routines, Ramadan rituals, one should consider buying online. Buying online is convenient, it allows one to browse through more options, and you can save a big chunk of change.

Tips for buying mattress online

Know your preferences

When selecting a mattress, you should be sure about your sleeping position, whether you like a firm or soft bed, and how much support you need. One can be a side sleeper, and looking forward to enjoying the contouring benefits of memory foam. Or you may have used a hybrid mattress at a friend’s place, which combines the memory and ortho foam, offers perfect weight distribution for active comfort, and gives superior back support for your weak back. If you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll want to look for a firm bed that doesn’t cause your back to bend. If you sweat when you sleep, a layer of cool gel will help you sleep better. It is important to go through all the descriptions of online mattresses so you have an exact idea of what will be the best mattress for you.

Word of mouth

The best way to choose a mattress online is to see what other people are saying about the product. If you have some mattresses narrowed done as per your needs, get to know from your friends & family about how has their experience been with different mattresses, how was the delivery, and the level of satisfaction with the customer service.

Make use of the best deals

When buying online it is important to make use of the best offers being offered by the brands. In the month of Ramadan when it gets tough to visit retail stores, Celeste Home Fashion is offering the “Ramadan Replacement Scheme”. With this offer, get your old mattresses (from any brand) replaced at a discounted rate with Celeste Home Fashion’s premium quality mattresses.



Sleeplab mattresses

With all the buying mattresses online guide available, you should consider where to start from. Mattresses available at our Sleeplab, offers a one-of-a kind sleeping experience that leaves nothing to the imagination. Get a chance to choose from our premium mattresses and accessories to choose the best combinations offering the right kind of comfort. Get your old mattresses replaced now with new ones at flat 20% off through the Ramadan Placement Scheme.

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