• 5 Ways to Style Your Cozy Nook

    Posted on March 30 2021

    Fancy a solitary retreat in the comfort of your home; a dedicated corner where you unwind after long tiring days? The idea to snuggle up on a plush sofa reading...

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  • Home Design Trends to look out for in 2021

    Posted on February 03 2021

    Usher into a new year with new trends. Although, we have bid farewell to monochromatic hues, yet luxurious and comfortable furniture has endured the test of time and evolved through...

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  • Sleeplab by Celeste Home Fashion

    Posted on September 04 2020

      Sleep helps the human body reset, recharge and rejuvenate itself. It is a known fact that poor sleeping habits and sleep deficiency can cause chronic health issues. Your relationship...

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  • Celeste Home Fashion – A glimpse into the brand

    Posted on August 21 2020

      Personal spaces are a representation of an individual’s personality, and as fashionably esthetics have made their way inside homes people all over the world have started expressing their sense...

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