Home Décor Ideas for a Monsoon Makeover

Home Décor Ideas for a Monsoon Makeover

It is that time of the year when all you want to do is keep away from chores and curl up on your comfy sofa with a book and a steaming cup of tea or coffee. The aroma of the wet mud and the slightly cold wind raise our spirits, while the battling grey skies make our home spaces gloomy. Thus, apart from keeping our home monsoon-proof, it is essential to keep it stylish. From color pop decor to cozy furniture, we have the best home decor ideas for you to elevate your home this monsoon.

Add A Pop Of Color

The best way to elevate that faint atmosphere of our home is by bringing a pop of color with just some minor tweaks and twists in interiors. You can add some vivid cushions in solid or a vibrant printed pattern. Colors like peppy orange and bright greens, pink, or gold are perfect for bringing a pop factor. As the grey skies take over quite quickly, you can combat the gloominess by bringing out your colorful throws, abstract rugs, striking cushions, and lively decor ensemble.

De-clutter Your Space

DE cluttering is a practice that helps our space stay clean and well organized. We all know that during the monsoon season, the walls and furniture absorb moisture, so it is best to redecorate your space by changing the furniture layout. The best furniture arrangement for the monsoon season is allowing some distance between the walls and the furniture. In this minimalistic setup, you can add some liveliness with a whimsical element like wind chimes. Search for the best one with your family while sitting on your comfortable lounge sofa.

Bring some Greenery

Nothing beautifies your home and uplifts the home essence better than nature. Incorporate elements inspired by the wilderness into your home decor. Opt for small, indoor plants for the inside and breathable plants to decorate your outdoor spaces. You can place them in front of a window or along the walls. You can also choose to go for some hanging planters if you have a balcony. These tricks will add to the liveliness of your home with a whiff of freshness.

Add elements of Fragrance

To infuse positivity in your interiors, include fragrant faux flowers. Their colorful appearance will bring a fresh vibe to your living room and bedroom space. Another way to combat the odor is to light a few scented candles around the home. As we all encounter excessive power outrages during the monsoon season, the inclusion of scented candles can tackle the blackouts by lighting the room and will be aesthetically pleasing. You can place them along the accent pieces on a decor tray or a candle stand. These elements will also bring warmth and enhance the romantic ambiance set by the drizzling rain.

Invest in some pop-colored vases

Invest in some bright vases and serve them with the colors of the monsoon - bouquets of dahlia, rose dutches, lily rubrum, orchids, or cherry blossom can work well. You can also pluck fresh flowers from your garden and let them float in your vases with some water. Style your entryway console with colorful accessories and decor trays displaying lovely delphinium or scented candles for a delightful display. Swap the greys, blues, and dark hues in your interiors with bright tangerine, green, and pink that keep your space bright and airy.

Lastly, leave an all-weather proof doormat at your doorstep to ensure your floors do not suffer the mucky rain dirt. You can pick from door mats made from jute, coir, or recycled rubber. Opt for darker colors as they camouflage the mud and do the job while keeping your home aesthetically appealing. So, along with working on the monsoon home decor tips, deduce a way to prevent dirt from messing up your living space and keep your home clean and lively the entire season.

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