A Scandinavian Approach to Designing Homes

A Scandinavian Approach to Designing Homes


Today more than ever, we see Scandinavian interiors and Furniture everywhere, in almost every newly furnished home around the poshest areas of Pakistan. Switch on your favorite Pakistani morning show, and you will see the celebrities sitting on a sofa that is clean, crisp, calm, and inviting at the same time.




What is Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian furniture designs hail for their soothing earthy tones, welcoming neutrals, and rich autumn hues. The furniture features a soft feel with muted shades of pinks, greens, and wood, bringing warmth that comforts the soul. It is a style that appears to be simple but can be difficult to emulate when you don’t know what’s making it work.

The design concept emerged by mixing old and new styles from different countries but gained traction much later after expanding in the US and Canada in the 1950s. Looking closely at the notable features, you will see how Scandi design intersects with mid-century modern design, both heavily influenced by industrialization. At heart, Scandinavian Design is simple, minimal, and functional.

In this small guide, you will explore the key principles of the shared design concept to help you understand and adapt the look in your homes.

Find the right balance of Minimalism

One of the most significant reasons why Scandinavian design is popular is how well it balances minimalism with style. The interiors reflect clean lines and warm hues that evoke a sense of calm and capacity. The design emphasizes keeping the spaces open and airy, with enough room to move and breathe within them. Think about the minimalistic interiors of the Nero Bedroom collection or products like the Argos TV unit and the Rhodes Shelf from Celeste Home Fashion. What do you see in these furniture designs that appeal to you most?

The space is DE cluttered but with the right balance to serve the practical needs that coexist with living in a technological age. Furniture pieces like TV units are updated with features like open spaces to store hardware objects just like how sofa beds are gaining popularity.

Treasure the ways of Nature

The core of a Scandinavian home is its connectivity with nature. It cherishes its blessings by bringing them home. They exhibit well-constructed furniture designs with live edge profiles and a mix of organic shapes and hues paired alongside faux planters for some vibrancy. Consider the beautiful setup of the Alexa Sectional Sofa or the live edge-inspired Titan Bed set as examples. Sporting gentle curves or round edges synonymous with style and grace, the design style allows you to mix and match a wide range of materials that help keep your space airy and inspirational. The collective interiors boast a spacious feel that is well-loved and admired by all.

You can adopt this budding interior design style in your home by bringing in natural elements, such as light, wood, sculptural art, house planters, pastel textiles, and upholstery. Keep the space open with glass walls and curtains that allow light and views from outside.

Think neutral with some pop of color

Like most interior design styles, Scandinavian interiors also lean on the design principle of contrast. Contrast is not just the two colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel. It applies to any design element, whether shape, size, texture, or mood like; light and dark neutrals, old and new pieces, or straight and wavy structures. Creating contrast in the foundational products, such as walls, furniture, and light fixtures, proves very beneficial.

When selecting the color palette, pick the tones of earth, stone, and wood, with pops of some pastel and brighter shades in your interiors. A neutral color palette keeps you connected to nature and brings a sophisticated ambiance to the setting. The backdrop allows the furniture pieces to function as accents, providing interest to your home. You can opt for grays, blues, greens, salmon, or warm tan versions with botanical prints and a pop of color via small decor accents that also bring a sense of liveliness.


Rather than going for an ultra-minimalist look, bring a balance that seems "just right." Bring furniture and home decor accessories inspired by Nordic and industrial concepts until you feel the space is perfectly balanced.

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