How to Mix and Match Furniture like a Pro

How to Mix and Match Furniture like a Pro


Creating a mix and match of materials and furniture is one of the most daunting tasks for interior designers. The task is even more exhausting for people just starting their decor without proper guidance from an interior designer. Even though it is a great way to create a unique display, not knowing which pieces go well together places them in a fix.
In the past, identical furniture pieces and decor were a sign of luxury, but the trend has moved beyond keeping all pieces in a room similar. While this makes buying furniture difficult, it helps curate a space that best represents your style and interests. The ideal way to create a unified look is to maintain common ground between the selected pieces of furniture and or decor. Here is a small guide you may pursue to create a cohesive ambiance.

Use furniture with similar characteristics

Investing in furniture with similar characteristics does not mean parallel pieces but ones with a common element that brings harmony to the design plan. For example, if you have a wooden dining table, pick dining chairs in a similar finish and a wooden bench on one side to help bring symmetry. Another good addition can be matching furniture accessories with wood facets like cabinets, tables, vases, and much more.

Use color to your advantage

Color is an essential component in interior design. It helps create a mood, highlight certain furniture pieces and set a theme for a room. Understanding how to utilize it can help elevate the design plan. Enforce the rule of three, a parent color, and two secondary colors used around the space.
As we can see in the image below, the exquisite Elektra Dining setup features tones of blue, grey, and brown with hints of green. The table has a sleek design paired with traditional chairs upholstered in grey jacquard and a stunning resin bench. The interiors bear a similar color palette spread throughout the room for a coherent display. Reprised along the back wall, we start with the Olympia cabinet in a geometrical construct based on wooden legs, a metallic console, and a large wooden vase on the opposite end.

Create a focal point

Every room has a focal point. It can be anything from a particular furniture piece to a painting, a mirror, or a gorgeous console. Every furniture and accessory in the room is based around this focal point, making it the show stopper. To further define the space, you can place a rug or any other specific object that complements the furniture accessory and brings together a cohesive display.
For example, the focal point in this room is the Elektra dining table that features complex textures from nature, a smooth finish of driftwood, and an organic flow of resin, giving it an awe aspiring striking effect of a flowing river. Highlighting this table are the traditional chairs set atop a custom rug and against a cultured backdrop that sets the mood of an intimate gathering.

Accessorize the empty spaces

People often overlook the accessories when setting around an elegant theme to avoid clutter. Nevertheless, decor pieces such as bowls, serving plates, and a small ensemble of vases play an integral role in unifying the look. They help break any monotony and bring a visual balance when dealing with distinct objects. This visual balance can be created using color, shape, scale, and feel. See the two ends of the console that appear to be similar but have different objects at the same height that balances the look.
Mixing and matching furniture styles gives you the creative liberty to evolve your design aesthetics. All you need to do is identify the rules and get comfortable with them. Once you develop the understanding, you can give your room a unique look that is truly yours. Over time you can update your space on special occasions with just some minor changes and upgrades.

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