The Building Blocks of a Great Living Room

The Building Blocks of a Great Living Room



Great rooms drive high traffic. With an open space floor plan, they set the stage for designing the entire home. We believe a thoughtful mix of furniture or layered furniture essentials is a great way to start the process. Although being the focal point of homes, creating a mix of furniture can be difficult, there are many layouts to exercise. Here we will take you through some of the building blocks of setting up a great space with a few necessities that need to be a consideration. 



The Furniture

Usually, furniture is the first product in the selection process when setting up our home. There are times when you visit the top furniture stores nearby for some inspiration to set up your home or look to buy furniture online and come across pieces that you love, a specific coffee table or floor lamp. You then face a roadblock on how to implement it in your home. Therefore, we recommend starting from the most highlighted product of the room, the furniture. Bedroom or living room, the first thing you decide is the bed or the Sofa respectively.



  1. The Sofa

Each home is different and requires distinct layouts to make a great space. So, when deciding on your furniture, the key aspects to consider are the comfort level, the design, and the product finishing. For the bedroom layout, you need to consider the size of the room. For the living room layout, you can do two single-seater sofas paired with a heavy-weight three-seater sofa and two light-weight stools or chairs for a complete look. You can also buy a sectional sofa offering premium comfort and luxury fabric upholstery. Bring add-ons or remove extra items depending upon the size of the space. A sofa that speaks of comfort, tradition, and style is an all-rounder to elevate your spaces.



  1. The Coffee Table 

Once you have picked your seating, its successor in the design process is generally a console or a coffee table. The right choice can make it a statement piece of the room or seamlessly blend it with the rest of the space. Decide on what you want to make out of it and distribute the weight accordingly. Focus on the size, design, and finishing. If you chose a heavy-weighted seating or if the room is smaller, keep the console or center table a step or two lighter, maybe with an open base. However, if you have chosen more legged pieces or light-weight seating, opt for a bulkier, heavyweight table.

The style and design of the coffee table are vital to consider as they should complement the seating. If you have traditional sofas and transitional chairs, we suggest you go for a modern coffee table to create a more curated look as in the below frame.



  1. The Additional Accent Pieces

Once you have selected your sofa and coffee table, it’s time to layer in the accent pieces, side tables, wall decor, surface accessories, cabinets, and lighting. For traditional themed spaces, similar end tables offer a great display. For an eclectically styled room, two contrasting side tables can work just as well.

Adding layered seating is always a good option for added functionality like lightweight ottomans or stools. Since accessories are smaller in size and less committed pieces than furniture, mix and match a few pieces, have fun with your choices and use them as an opportunity to add more interest and dimension to the space.


The furniture options at Celeste Home Fashion are versatile as they work well in many different spaces of all shapes and sizes and customize the fabric and color per your preference and interiors. Altogether, the exceptionally handcrafted furniture pieces help elevate spaces, and the services from the Interior Design Studio usher a unique designer feel that will make your dwellings a paradise of comfort and luxury.

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