Trends & Styles For Your Modern Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Trends & Styles For Your Modern Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s a quiet place to retreat after a long tiring day. Today, modern luxury Bedroom Furniture designs are changing for the better to contribute to a calming atmosphere. People are no longer opting for edgy designs with bold industrial style that takes up a lot of space in your bedroom and makes you feel dull and cluttered.

In this day and age, light and warm hues are more loved by people who are seeking tranquility in their environment. 

Colors like sage green and pale blue are particular favorites for bedding. Soft, natural colors add an inviting look while also making your room look spacious. When you choose an accent color for the bedroom, our furniture solutions will reflect calmness and sophistication.

If you love the style of traditional furniture but you want the comfort and sophistication of contemporary styling, transitional furniture design is for you. Transitional furniture takes the best elements of a range of styles and brings them up to date. Look for clean lines, a neutral color palette, a minimum of embellishments, and luxurious materials like velvet, wood and marble.

Contemporary furniture reflects designs that are popular now, so the trend-setting contemporary design will look different as your taste evolves. Currently, contemporary design is highlighted by strong silhouettes, abstract geometrics, and a monochromatic, neutral palette. Tech-savvy pieces, organic elements like wood, leather and glass in linear aesthetics are common elements.

Here are some interesting trends & styles for your modern luxury bedroom furniture:-

Soft Curves

If you are replacing your bedroom furniture, opt for bedroom sets with softer corners and graceful curves. Sleigh beds are still in style, and curved headboards add an extra layer of comfort to straight lines in dressers and nightstands.

Spectacular Headboards

Upholstered headboards are a great way to make your bedroom luxurious, practical and comfortable. Choosing neutral tones or solids definitely adds to your style statement. Deep button tufting is more popular to give it a plush look. Another option is channel tufting, where the stitches run vertically for a contemporary appearance.

Embrace Minimalism

"Less is more" is a mantra often repeated by those who embrace minimalism. Thinking in terms of stashing or getting rid of extraneous items is especially important in a smaller space, like a small bedroom, foyer or hallways. Choose furniture carefully and opt for just a few high-style decorative items to make any space look larger.

Lighten it Up

You can make your bedroom seem spacious with lighter neutral colors on the walls, and by using the decorator trick of painting the ceiling a couple of shades even lighter. Enhance natural lighting with chandeliers and lamps.

Think Multifunctional

Multifunctional bedroom furniture can open up the space both visually and aesthetically. Consider a sofa bed that complements your living space and transforms from your home office space in the day to a comfortable bedroom by night. Other multifunctional pieces for the bedroom include storage bed benches and armoires that can hide a TV and provide storage space for clothing.

Add Metallics

Another way to add interest to your interior decor this year is to incorporate metallics, especially gold. Restrained use of gold metal in the right places can make your space feel more balanced, without feeling overwhelming.


A Touch of Wood

Nothing warms up home decor like a stunning piece of furniture in rich wood tones. If you prefer subtle touches, there are plenty of accent pieces you can add to make your home a showplace. Think stylish consoles, cabinets and wood-framed chairs from our collection in store and online.

Add a Rug

A colorful patterned rug is an easy way to define beautiful spots in your room and make a large space feel inviting and cozy. Start with the rug to define a seating area, and place a rug under the dining table to separate each space visually. The right accent rug is a good way to add an interesting touch to the room.

Rocker Recliner

What could be better than looking forward to kicking back in a motion recliner to enjoy the evening? The classic upholstered recliner is a comfortable addition to a casual living space.


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