Design Guide: 4 ways to add color to your home

Design Guide: 4 ways to add color to your home


Going minimalist with clean white walls and grey sofas and adopting a subdued color scheme, there comes a time when you grow a little weary after looking at them 24/7 for months. With time, they start affecting your mood as you come home tired. Luckily, there is an easy way to make your space lively and zestful. A few pretty pillows for your sofa and bed, a piece of art on the wall that makes you smile, or some mini planters to brighten your lounge and kitchen space. Here are some of our favorite options to breathe new life into your home using a pop of color and lively patterns.

Decorate with Cushions

Cushions offer instant therapy to rejuvenate your bed and sofas, plan a strategic layout, choose solids for textured areas and printed pillows for solid furnishings or experiment with a mix of patterns for a creative display of your modern home furniture designs. Ethnic, abstract, or solids, it is simply remarkable how a couple of soft pillows can change the whole ambiance and bring a burst of color to our spaces.

Ground the space with comfy rugs

Lay the foundation for a happy and comfy room by placing a new rug. Following the subdued minimalistic theme, if you own wooden furniture with a natural finish or dark wood polish, opt for one that has a decent pattern. Maybe a traditional design with colors that complement your new cushions. A soothing sea of blues or pastel pink, teal, and greens have been really in these days. Choose a mat that has a lively design and reinvigorates your space. This area rug will help soften your room and make it cozier.

Bring Mother Nature indoors

Nature has its way of elevating homes. It brings the most glorious and versatile colors that go well with every interior. Choose plants that thrive indoors, or opt for realistic artificial florals and planters of multiple sizes and spread them around your home. Faux or real, they do more for our home than brighten the space. They bring fresh vibes and positivity with a nice outdoor perspective keeping us active all day. So, if you want to add newness to your home with many changes, consider placing a couple of planters around your home, like your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Freshen the interiors with art & accessories

Decorating your home with items that you love can instantly boost your mood. Place your favorite objects, from book ends, trays, sculptures, vases, and pictures, in the empty surfaces and nooks. Or deck your walls with souvenirs from your most memorable trips or family heirlooms that make you smile every time you see them. Try hanging some art in your home office to enhance the room's display and accessories with personal stories in your living room and bedroom decor to keep you cheerful.


Lastly, if the add-ons are a bit heavy to your eyes, try a calculative rearrangement by moving things around in your home. Clean up the rooms, organize the objects, rearrange and get your house in order. Start with your sofa, and move your tables, bookcases, and other large pieces in the room. Then, if you're still not satisfied, focus on your decor. Whether it be your furniture or decor items, it is natural to get tired of even the best interiors if they have been consistent for years. Many of us thrive in new and dynamic spaces, so keep bringing some changes to your interiors one piece at a time. We think the best place to start is Celeste Home Fashion.


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